The REICH – Advantage


    We take care of complete seafarers documentation including application forms and requisite documentation. As a result, our client’ s paper work is lessened

Same Day submissions

    We pickup of the requisite documents and deliver the processed documents at our client’s doorstep.

Status Alerts

    We monitor the entire process and co-ordinate and do prompt follow ups with the respective Flag State authority for filing and release of processed documents within the stipulated turnaround time (TAT). We update you with the filing and processing current status from time to time.

Domain Expertise

  •  We ensure that the requisite seafarers documents comply with the norms, regulations and guidelines of the respective flag state authority thereby ensuring zero rejection of applications.


    Paper works of Client Manning Agencies are lessened as our company prepares the application forms and the necessary requirements.

Dedicated Customer Support – Online / Telephone

    We provide a dedicated client service team to handle your account and queries and provide best-in-class service as we believe in building long-term associations with our clients.

Mode of Payment

    We have business friendly normal banking channel services such as pay online, draft, cheque, card, wire transfer or western union money transfer. For dedicated account services, billing will be prepared and the cost can be paid to us after the delivery of the processed documents.

Emergency services

    Our services are flexible and we can be counted incase of any emergencies. We can arrange for emergency collection / delivery of documents from / to your residence /office / airport counters.